Beautiful handmade jewelry handcrafted in animal, wildlife and Native themes.

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Handmade Bracelets Created Unique Design

Copper Reflections has created the most unique Handmade Bracelets using unique jewelry designs. The jewelry making techniques that we have developed over the years are very unusual and unique to us. We are surely the only ones making this type of unique handmade bracelets and many unusual assorment of unique handcrafted bracelets with animal, wildlife, nature, western and Native American jewelry designs.

Native Bear Paw Bracelet BJM-40

With over 34 years experience in jewelry making, all our skilled jewelry artisans are well aware of the importance of the quality and the affordable prices and beautiful artisan jewelry bracelets would make the perfect jewelry gift for women or men. The excellent craftsmanship of Copper Reflections artisan have always received nice compliments from their customers and awards for best quality and unusual jewelry at arts and craft shows which made them work harder with pleasure to create even more exceptional handmade jewelry.

Hummingbird Bracelet BR-51

The most important reason for customers to come back to your gift shop is to find original handmade bracelets and unique bracelets because your store is the only store around the area that offers these unique jewelry gifts. So it is a good idea to ask your wholesale handmade jewelry suppliers to give you the exclusive rights for your area, especially if your gift store is in a small town.

Feather Art Copper Bracelet BJM-61

This way you will make sure that your customers have a reason to keep on coming back to your gift shop to find many unusual handmade bracelets that can not be found any where else in your area. The other important reason that you will have steady customers that will be coming back to your store for every time when they need to buy birthday gifts, anniversary gifts or Christmas gifts is that you have reasonable priced handmade bracelets.

Southwest Native Star Bracelet BR-721

Especially Christmas time when people have to buy many gifts for their loved ones, your prices on handmade artisan jewelry will play a big role. Once your gift shop is known in the area with the most original handmade bracelets for reasonable prices, this will be the best advertisement for your gift store as your customers telling to their friends about how wonderful your store is.

Handcrafted Howling Wolf Bracelets BJ-83

All the handmade bracelets, handmade earrings, handcrafted necklaces, unique rings and lockets from Copper Reflections do not need any maintenance. Each of our handmade bracelets pieces have been coated with three layers of acrylic clear finish that is specially for metal. You will love these outstanding unique jewelry that do not tarnish and do not require any maintenance.

Colorful Butterfly Copper Bracelets BJ-68

This fact will let you enjoy the colorful unique bracelets and earrings even more. The main reason that jewelry gets tarnished is because of the mistakes that are made during the process of making  the handmade jewelry. Copper Reflections artisans pay special attention to this. You will enjoy wearing all our handmade bracelets without any concerns that they will change color and you have to polish them all the time. You will not have to go through the difficulties and the pain of cleaning your handcrafted jewelry from Copper Reflections.

Handcrafted unique bracelets, handmade bracelets, copper bangle bracelets with black patina and cut-out animal designs





Wholesale Handmade Bracelets are the all time favorite accessory for both men and women and presenting it as a gift to the loved ones is a thoughtfulness that is much appreciated. Purchasing clothes or other accessories are bounded by lot of rules as one has to consider the garment, the place, color of the dress according to their skin tone etc. Where as jewellery is bound by no rules, a simple ring or bracelet looks elegant for any type of event and any type of costume. A jewellery just adds to the way a person is dressed and it provides them a complete look.

Handmade Lightning Horse Bracelets BY-28

Every person loves to receive handmade bracelets as a gift, it does not matter whether it is for a special occasion like a birthday, Christmas, wedding or an anniversary or if it is an everyday token of love. But just because you are giving Jewelry as a gift, does not mean that you must take a burden to purchase expensive Jewelry or an item made of precious material.

Horse Bracelets Handcrafted Jewelry BY-16

It is the style that catches you and others eyes and your loved one will achieve the same beautiful sense of style and fashion with the handmade bracelets that is affordable. And also why should you worry when internet made it easy for us to shop online by sitting at home, it also provides the means for us to compare prices and styles and also allows us to search for best deals, Jewelry coupon deals, online discount codes, free shipping, on-sale and many more. All you have to do is browse internet for search engines and search for the sites which provide jewelry of your taste and color at affordable prices. If a person is looking for better jewelry gift suitable for all kinds of occasions like wedding, birthdays, anniversary and Christmas.

Howling Wolf Bracelets, Colorful Wolf Jewelry BY-32

Make a lasting impression on your loved ones by giving them an exquisite artisan andmade bracelets. Choosing the perfect unique gift is not always an easy task for those hard to buy for people. Sometimes a special pair of handmade earrings jumps out but other times you find yourself going from shop to shop, or handmade jewelry website, to discover the perfect handmade bracelets piece for that important person in your life.

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