Beautiful handmade jewelry handcrafted in animal, wildlife and Native themes.

Western Jewelry for Unique Gifts

Western Jewelry, Western Belt Buckles, Western Bolo Ties

The old west inspires our imagination and creates an atmosphere of simplicity yet elegance. Many handmade jewelry artisans handcraft fun and functional western jewelry designs that are sure to become prized possessions of your special loved one.

Colorful Copper Dangle Earrings LDm-271

Choosing the perfect western jewelry has never been easier with the wide assortments of handcrafted jewelry that are available. Shopping online has the ability to bring the very best and brightest handmade jewelry artisans right to you. You no longer have to search your local mall for that perfect gift exerting a great deal or time and effort. The perfect western jewelry gifts are just a click away!

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Women sometimes want to look like their favorite celebrities. However, there are always those who want to look unique and incomparable. For such people, as well as many others, western jewelry is a fabulous accessory to everyday attire and overall appearance. Simply imagine seeing a uniquely crafted shirt in lace. Of course, you will try to match it with a piece that cannot be found at just any jewelry store. If you have your own style in regards dress and behavior, handmade jewelry is exactly what you are looking for.

 Dangle Copper Feathers Earrings LDm-281
Amongst so many various types on the market today, unique handmade jewelry pieces are becoming extremely popular. It is nothing to wonder about and it will never be a problem if you choose to buy a western jewelry earrings piece as a gift. Many uniquely made necklaces have become famous for their pendants in the shape of animals, nature, art, and so on.

Western Style Horse Earrings LD-200

From famous handcrafted elephants to pendants to earrings or necklaces, you will find handmade jewelry very easy to wear with different styles of your attire (from your elegant style to your casual stuff). Butterflies and ladybugs for girls have always been a synonym for their innocence and purity. In addition, kids always prefer jewelry in the shape of animals.

Bronco Busting Cowboy Western Earrings LD-56

Buying a unique piece western jewelry means a lot when it is a gift. You can express your love and affection with western style bracelets. Your beautiful gift will make someone’s eyes glow with joy. Without a doubt, finding the right gift for the right person has always been a tricky thing. It is always better to know their personality before picking out a jewelry gift. Jewelry has become an important accessory for women like shoes or shirts. Cowgirl jewelry is reasonable priced so women can have different western style jewelry, colors and designs for their unique jewelry to match their outfits.

Western Earrings in Cowboy Boots and Hat Design LD-02

Western Belt Buckles and cowboy belt buckles offered by Copper Reflections. Copper artwork is embossed in American bald eagle and mountains scene and inlaid into zinc alloy cowboy belt buckles. These fascinating rodeo belt buckles for men will make perfect unique gifts. You will love our reasonable wholesale prices for cowboy belt buckles, friendly customer service and high quality of rodeo belt buckles. Find wide selections of wholesale cowboy belt buckles for gift stores and trading posts.

Western belt buckles for men handcrafted by the artisans of Copper Reflections in American wild spotted horses scene. These Wholesale western belt buckles will make perfect unique gifts addition to your gift store or trading post. You will love the simple elegance of the earth tone colors of copper, silver and black on our cowboy belt buckles. Western belt buckles have a distinct style that complements many pieces of western clothing, from western shirts to cowboy hats and western cowboy belt buckle. Our cowboy belt buckle collection includes horse, rodeo, wildlife and Native designs.

Dangle Western Earrings in Cowboy Boots LDM-50
Cowboy belt buckles exclusively hand crafted by Copper Reflections in Southwest Native American end of the trail design. This stunning western belt buckle will never go out of style and would make a great addition to your trading post or gift boutique. The classic and timeless elegance of wholesale western belt buckles are diamond cut by hand to sparkle and are sure to brighten your day and fit every one on their gift list perfectly.

Indian Horse Western Belt Buckles BBY-80

Western bolo ties in animal, wildlife, rodeo, western and cowboy designs make unique gifts for men when looking special gifts for husband or boyfriend. Men's western bolo tie is decorated with a outstanding western theme designs, silver plating and diamond cut to make them sparkle like diamonds. Our western cowboy bolo tie will be the perfect finishing touch your western outfit needs

Cowboy Boot and Horses Belt Buckles BB-W4

 Western bolo ties and shirt is a common style for western clothing. Whether you simply like the style or need western show clothes for a rodeo, our selection of cowboy bolo ties is sure to complement any style of western shirt. Western bolo ties have a distinct style that complements many pieces of western clothing, from western shirts to cowboy hats and western belt buckles. Our cowboy bolo tie collection includes horse, rodeo, wildlife and Native designs. Our western bolo tie collection is made from copper, silver-plated and diamond cut in different shapes. Our selection of cowboy bolo ties includes such themes as wolves, horses, cowboy hat, eagles, deer and cowboy boots.

Western Cowboy Boot Bolo Tie BO-W4
One of the best gifts you can present to a loved one on a special occasion like bridal shower is handmade jewelry; it could be handmade necklace, handmade bracelet, handmade earring or filigree pendants. These are gifts that will make your loved one hold you in high respect and regard as long as possible! Besides, such unique and quality gift can be passed down to the next generations as a symbol of your love. On the contrary, you cannot achieve such enduring memorial with mass-produced jewelry.

Western Cowboy Hat Bolo Tie BO-W7


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