Beautiful handmade jewelry handcrafted in animal, wildlife and Native themes.

Handmade Bracelets Handmade Earrings Most Unique Jewelry Ever Seen

Skilled artisans specializing in handmade jewelry, unique jewelry and wholesale jewelry since 1985. Find selections of handmade bracelets, handcrafted earrings in animal jewelry

Perfect unique gifts, individually handcrafted with unique jewelry designs by the skillful artisans, Copper Reflections handmade earrings and handmade bracelets are the most unique handmade jewelry you probably have ever seen. With earthy tones and sparkles, these handmade earrings and handmade bracelets are going to be the perfect unique jewelry to wear to celebrate the coming of spring.

Handmade Bracelets Unique Jewelry Handcrafted in Flower Jewelry themes.

Individually handcrafted with unique jewelry designs by the skillful artisans, Copper Reflections handmade earrings and handmade bracelets are the most unique handmade jewelry you probably have ever seen. Handmade earrings and handmade bracelets are offered in a large assortment of designs and styles. In the handcrafted jewelry and unique gift collections you can be sure to find a special gift for your loved ones, unique gift ideas for women and men's gifts.

Colorful Cat Jewelry Unique Copper Bracelets

All the handmade jewelry pieces are meticulously crafted to ensure the highest quality. Copper Reflections artisans have developed many different techniques over the years to make their Handcrafted Jewelry more special and valuable, so every one will treasure their unique jewelry and enjoy them for a long time. You will love browsing through the galleries of exquisite handmade earrings and outstanding handmade bracelets. Copper Reflections artisans are the only ones making these most original jewelry pieces.

Handmade bracelets handcrafted in horse jewelry
Handmade earrings and unique bracelets by will make perfect jewelry gifts suitable for any gift giving occasion; birthday gifts, anniversary gifts and Christmas gifts. These remarkable handmade artisan jewelry is offered in a vast selection of themes; with nature jewelry, wildlife jewelry and Native American jewelry designs. Animal jewelry is available in horse jewelry, butterfly jewelry, dolphin jewelry, dragonfly jewelry, hummingbird jewelry and cat jewelry.

Colorful Butterfly Jewelry Handmade Bracelets Designed by Lynn Bean

Each theme is available on the many styles of earrings and bracelets. Handmade earrings are very lightweight and have hypo-allergenic surgical steel ear wires. Earrings are available in a great selection with many styles of stud earrings, post earrings, dangle earrings and chandelier earrings. Handmade bracelets are adjustable to the wrist and offered in cuff bracelets, wire bracelets, chain bracelets and bangle bracelets styles.

Handmade earrings handcrafted in unique flower jewelry designs.

Copper Reflections handmade jewelry designs are first drawn by hand and transferred to copper sheets. Designs are individually silver plated and diamond cut by hand to bring out the luster in the copper to give that special sparkle like diamonds. Each piece of Handcrafted copper jewelry and handmade gifts have a protective acrylic coating to prevent tarnishing so no polishing is required.

Bird Jewelry

The artisans of Copper Reflections have been designing and producing handmade jewelry and unique gift ideas since 1985. With unique jewelry designs, unusual techniques, high quality craftsmanship, reasonable prices and over 25 years of experience is a great source for handcrafted wholesale jewelry.

Colorful dangle feather and horse earrings

On the website, you will also discover other wholesale jewelry styles where they have used seashells, mother of pearl and abalone shells, to accent and highlight these most original handcrafted earrings and bracelet designs. A variety of techniques are used by these talented artisans to make their handmade earrings including etching, embossing and engraving. Earrings like TS series are cut out and also two tone plated in gold and copper. They hope you will also enjoy these handmade jewelry collections that Copper Reflections artisans have been working hard to make it even more beautiful for you.

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