Beautiful handmade jewelry handcrafted in animal, wildlife and Native themes.

Handcrafted Jewelry

Butterfly dangle earrings


Handmade Unique Earrings & Handcrafted Bracelets Make the Best Choice


Handmade Unique Earrings & Handcrafted Bracelets Make the Best Choice

Handcrafted artisan jewelry today has so much variety that a person can find almost any type of handcrafted jewelry they can imagine. There are many types of materials and techniques used today to make handmade jewelry, the days of silver and gold being the only options in beautiful fashion accessories are long gone.

Colorful cut out butterfly bracelets
Although gold, silver, and diamonds remain to be the most expensive jewelry, many jewelry artisans are opting to try different less expensive materials to create their handmade earrings and handmade bracelets.

Horse and foal earrings cut out with a colorful design as background

The beauty remains the same allowing you to easily find many unique handmade jewelry pieces within your price range. Materials such as copper have become increasingly popular materials used for making Handcrafted Jewelry. Other countries have known this for many centuries and the United States have finally recognized the beauty of handmade beaded and copper jewelry.

Red and Pink Roses Dangle Earrings SRM-15
Women are more creative when it comes to handmade jewelry. A woman tends to know which style of artisan jewelry will help her to look her age projecting a sophisticated and confident image. With more materials like copper and aluminum women have many choices when they shop for elegant artisan jewelry. Wearing a piece of handmade jewelry can bring a stunning effect to any outfit.

Colorful Maple Leaves Earrings CO-631

Younger generations tend to wear more flashy handmade jewelry. Adding a variety of handmade jewelry pieces to wear all at once is the popular dress code as far as dangle colorful earrings goes for younger people. As artisan unique jewelry became less expensive by changing the materials to make it, more teenagers were able to afford buying it. Bangle bracelets and flashy handmade earrings are also popular among the younger generation. With a style that is hard to imitate teenagers tend to wear more handmade jewelry today then even twenty years ago.

Colorful Native American Dangle Earrings CM-19
Women tend to stick to wearing more simple conservative handcrafted jewelry and handmade earrings than the flashy jewelry popular among teens. Men and women alike enjoy the variety found in artisan jewelry today. Men generally wear simple chain necklaces and handmade bracelets. Rings men wear are simple and are mostly wedding bands. Watches are another popular kind of jewelry among men, from gold and silver to leather strapped.

Handcrafted Native Dangle Earrings CM-04


The best part of the newer materials and techniques used creating handmade jewelry today is that it is less expensive as well as the fact that the metals do not turn your skin colors. The old kind of unique jewelry would change colors, as jewelry got older, often times leaving colored marks on your skin unless it was real. With a greater variety of protective finishes available most handcrafted jewelry now has a coating so the artisan jewelry will look like new for a very long time. Most people are happy that handmade jewelry does not have to cost a lot to be beautiful and last for many years.

Dog Jewelry Dachshund Bracelet BDC-11
Handmade jewelry has always been essential to people who loves to accessorize. One special piece can make such a difference in the presentation of same outfit. There are so many different variations and handmade jewelry stands out because of its uniqueness. Beaded, carved, filigreed, engraved, sequined, knitted, and painted, various techniques for handicraft arts have been continually developed in all cultures throughout time, which certainly expand the variety of unique jewelry.

Dog Jewelry Labrador Retriever Bracelet BDC-22

Handmade jewelry designers have eventually increased the importance of jewelry in the current market, and became a bigger asset in the booming jewelry industry now a days.And so the demand for handcraft jewelry these days are amazing.One thing you will notice about handmade jewelry is the uniqueness of the pieces that are available.

Spirit Stallion Horse Bracelets In Colorful Artwork BCB-25

When you take a look at the handmade necklaces, handcrafted bracelets, and unique earrings that are for sale, you will notice that they are unlike any other type of jewelry that you have ever seen. This means that you will be able to wear designs that others cannot find. This is due to the fact that jewelry that is handmade is not mass produced and is made by a single individual. There are other benefits that you will get since this jewelry is made by a single individual.

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