Beautiful handmade jewelry handcrafted in animal, wildlife and Native themes.

Benefits of Buying Handmade Animal Jewelry

Handmade Jewelry is jewelry that has been hand-crafted and assembled by handmade rather than using a machine. For animal jewelry to be tagged “handmade”, there should be no other means of fashioning such jewelry than hand power or hand guidance.

Colorful Polar bear earrings, Unique Animal Jewelry

This is according to the guideline of the FTC. This implies that the designing of jewelry may be achieved by using lathes, drills or some other machinery; however, it must be necessarily hand-guided for it to be called handmade jewelry. On the other hand, this does not include the use of punch presses, casting and CNC machinery that may not be deemed “handmade”. Further than the caveat, the jewelry under discussion can be anything designed out of whatever that may be seen as jewelry.


Kitten cat earrings, Handmade Cat Jewelry

All over the world today, you can find wide range of mass produced jewelry; however, a lot of people opt for handmade jewelries such as handmade earrings, handmade necklace, handmade bracelets etc. Many people go for hand-crafted jewelry by skilled artisans because they are most likely to last much longer as these beautiful animal jewelry pieces are carefully handcrafted in a great quality.

Horse earrings, Colorful Horse Jewelry

It is a pity that sometimes people sell machine-made jewelries and tag them hand-made. Nevertheless, you can find wide selections of Animal Jewelry including horse earrings, butterfly bracelets, cat rings, hummingbird pendants and other animal jewelry pieces.

Hummingbird bracelet, Handmade Animal Jewelry

Colorful Animal jewelry has been a valuable fashion accessory for women and men for many centuries. Beautiful unique jewelry completes outfits because of its glamour and adds a touch of sophistication to any outfit. Wearing handmade earrings, unique bracelets and handcrafted necklaces with horse designs in matching jewelry sets reflect women’s inner spirituality. If it is animal jewelry that you are wearing you would show the world how much you care for horses.

Colorful horse bracelets, Cut Out Horse Jewelry
A beautiful piece of jewelry handcrafted in animal jewelry themes with a glamorous dress would complete each other to make you even more beautiful. If you notice that celebrities walking down the red carpet and their jewelry adds a touch of sparkle to their entire glamorous image. When wearing handmade jewelry you will feel like a star and everybody will notice you and complement on your beautiful look. There are many occasions that people wear handmade earrings in horse themes for an evening out or a wedding. Rarely will you see a woman without some kind of fashion accessory.

Cat bracelet, Colorful Animal Jewelry


Hummingbird earrings, Artisan Handmade Hummingbird Jewelry
Indeed, the world of Hummingbird Jewelry is enthralling; although it is guided by wide varieties of crafting techniques, it is not bound by them. The wide range of materials involved in making handcrafted jewelry shows that this special jewelry is a universe on its own. With personal styles and individuality reflected via every created piece, handmade jewelry can be accessed but they are rarely common.

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There are genuine hand-crafted jewelries but they are not common. Go for specially and uniquely hand-crafted jewelry offered by artisans who know better and special ways of crafting not-easy-to-come-by handmade jewelries. For such artisans, it is an obsession to ensure that their work stands out from the crowd!
Hummingbird bracelets, Unique Hummingbird Jewelry
The genuine animal bracelets are usually expensive when compared with the mass-produced jewelries. But if you are not a shopper that pays attention to details, you may be deceived to by machine-made jewelry which has been created to look so much like the hand crafted jewelries.

Cheetah earrings, Wildlife Animal Jewelry

If you have decided to buy a handcrafted jewelry, then you must insist on nothing but genuine handmade necklace, earrings, bracelet, or pendants and not to settle for anything less. But you must know how to spot the genuine ones to avoid being ripped. The origin of handmade jewelry can be traced down to the historic days when women and men alike wore bracelets of woven grass, stone as well as shells to beautify themselves. However, jewelry materials and styles have evolved in stages following modernization.
Cat earrings, Colorful Cat Jewelry
If you are shopping for handmade jewelry, you might consider simply doing a Google search for jewelry designers and artists. This way you can peruse at your leisure and buy when it is convenient for you. Many people sell Cat Jewelry directly to customers through individual websites. These websites are generally a bit difficult to uncover, but they can have a plethora of handcrafted jewelry and other crafts.

Colorful cat dangle earrings in gold and copper

One more favorable reason to buy directly from an artist's website is you increase your chances of talking an artist into making a special piece that is designed specifically for you. Doing this offline would be outrageously expensive. Though, online, there are an incredible amount of deals and bargains to be had!
Moose Earrings Y-47
Handmade jewelry is a wonderful addition to any accessory box or outfit. There are countless reasons to buy handmade jewelry. This type of jewelry is often cheaper than the jewelry that you will find in the Animal Jewelry Earrings shops in your town or city. It is extraordinary (where mass produced pieces never can be). It is also uncommon. Something good about having a piece of jewelry that is handmade, is you will have a one of a kind piece – without having to pay the expensive price involved when you purchase jewelry that has been specifically commissioned.


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